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One more time Germans lead the way.Do you see that happening in our part of the world soon?

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No offense, but China is not my part of the world. :p


To answer your question, no.

Which is your part of the world? Alaska? :P
I'm closer to Germany. But definitely not China. I don't belong here... (oh, reminds me of a song...)

In Italy, all Nuclear power plants had been shut down way back in 1987 after the Cernobyl disaster. The government in charge tried to resume the issue, but after Japan everything has been put on an indefinite hold.

I don't see how this is leading the way. Leading the way would be innovating safer nuclear technology, not giving up entirely. Unless they replace it with Space Based Solar, I remain unimpressed.








The French do what they usually do: they complain a lot but don't really do anything to change the situation.
Do u speak French or German?

I am at ease when I visited the plant.



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