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Does anyone know of any good haunted places or places with good ghostly/demonic stories in China to check out? I have always had an interest in being frightened by these kinds of places.

I remember there is a "haunted mall" in Guangzhou that my friend and I went to near Martyr's Park Station. My friend told me that there used to be a ktv on the top floor of that mall, but 6 people died falling from the top floor and landing in the same exact spot of the basement floor. Moreover, there were constant complaints of people being "pushed" by a dark figure towards the railing. Since the deaths, the entire top floor has been abandoned, and nobody dares to go up there...although, I decided to do a little walk around despite my friend's plea not to. I didn't mind walking alone. :P

So, anybody knows of any good haunted places?

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don't be a prick. the main reason i'm interested in ghosts is because I don't really believe in it. I hope to be proven wrong though, if there's a spiritual world, there should be something more in this world, no?

my mom is more spiritual than me, so she gets stuff like this more. In my old house, my moms possessions used to change places and rooms, and she hear screaming, loud noises, or people calling her from the backyard. A little scared out of her wits, she asked the neighbors the history of our house... apparantly the guy that built the house, killed himself accidently when his pants got caught in the fence pole digger, eventually churning himself into stew. :S

 who want to explore China at its extremes

Should go to Luohu without condoms... 

dont fear chinese ghost or dead chinese...its the ALIVE ones that are most dangerous



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