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OK, if you're looking for marriage then that narrows the field down a bit, but what if you're looking to develop yourself and have a good time?

Advantages of married guys:

....Don't get ridiculous ideas about marrying you.
....Know that being shouted at and ostracized are normal.
....Don't freak out at occasional blood,
....Know how to share a bathroom.

Advantages of single guys

....Fill these in for yourself.

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I never doubted that for a minute
Kitty - you didn't answer the question.

I had dinner with Eva and Carola, but then Carola decided to go somewhere else and not come to the Jin Bar. So I only had Eva - clearly it wouldn't be right for a playboy of my seniority to turn up with only one girl, so I had to pick up Dan too. Dan is always late for me, but very sweetly brought along a cake she had made so we could share it.

It sounds like a perfectly normal Saturday evening to me.
-- They are single and available during weekend.

Depends if the wife is in town or not.

-- They don't smell like their wife's ****.

Depends if the wife is in town or not.

-- They may as well marry you when things work out quite well.\

But this is aimed at girls not looking for marriage

-- They won't become suddenly broke after a nasty divorce.

This doesn't apply in all cases.

However. I don't have any preference as for single or married.

Sounds good to me.
I disagree - she is giving disadvantages of married guys - so my comments are fine - but her disadvantages are not necessarily accurate - that is what I am saying.
Precisely - the premise of the Discussion is that you don't want to get married now or in the foreseeable future.

you're looking to develop yourself and have a good time
The premise of the Discussion is that you are not looking to marry either the married guy or the single guy you are choosing between. So what are the other advantages and disadvantages. I agree that there are two sub-cases - "wife in residence" and wife "absent".
You are only considering subcase 1 "wife in town", otherwise they are irrelevant. You know my discussions are always about me "wife absent".
How on Earth does a subcase 2 married man become unavailable at weekends?

My shower works just fine - ask Jane or Eva.
The only objections I've had about my smell in SZ were about my CD aftershave, so I don't use it any more.

I could tell an extremely dirty story here from a few years ago, but the moderators would just delete it.
A girl I used to date in HK years ago knew that I liked her smell so, to show that she was excited, she would insert a finger and paint it across my upper lip. Maybe not that unusual in itself, but this girl used to do it when we were eating out in really fancy restaurants.
I could - but why bother now it's there. I doubt if many people read this sort of thing.
That's because married sex tends to get boring.

Or maybe goes from exciting straight through to non-existent.



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