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OK, if you're looking for marriage then that narrows the field down a bit, but what if you're looking to develop yourself and have a good time?

Advantages of married guys:

....Don't get ridiculous ideas about marrying you.
....Know that being shouted at and ostracized are normal.
....Don't freak out at occasional blood,
....Know how to share a bathroom.

Advantages of single guys

....Fill these in for yourself.

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It depends how big the organ is Isabelle. I guess he's boasting that it would make a meal for a crocodile.
wish u luck Ben
mike, if you will allow me to comment here, or else you can delete it....
i can only say that married man has the experience on how to handle a woman correctly, who can satisfy women, much more than single guys. and most possibly married man knows woman's body inside, out , a mile more than the single guy.
maybe the signle guy who was married before is a good choice?
It depends why the marriage ended Annie - do you think that guys who've been married six times will be even better?
Hi Bobby,

I strongly agree that I found out a lot more about one woman's body through being married, and much of this seems to be universally applicable. The sheer quantity of sex under different circumstances allows that - as George Bernard Shaw said: "Marriage is popular because it combines the maximum of temptation with the maximum of opportunity."

However, I think the most important thing you learn is tolerance and sympathy for someone else's thoughts and needs.
i am married and i am still dating with my (woman) friends (not gf in the sense). If dating means just going out and having dinner and drinks, not to end in bed. I am living alone in China, so my wife knows that I have to socialize with friends, men or women. I don't think it is a big problem.
Hi Bobby,

We seem to be in very similar situations. I hide nothing from my wife and she approves of, or at least accepts, what I do here.

I consider a "date" to be a meeting where you do intend to progress towards something further, and that's what this Discussion is about. So I call my many, many meetings with girls "dinners" - or at least mostly.

Well today’s topic is interesting... I’m not married myself, but based on my experience... here are some difference between the 2 that i would love to share..... enjoy reading this girls.... =)

A single man spends his entire life trying to find happiness.... while married man spends his whole life trying to make his wife happy!!!

A single man will party harder all the time and get different results.... while married man will work harder and get the same results!!!

Single men live in a pad or a crib.....while Married men live in a house or a home...

A single man measures success by how many valuable things he owns.... while married man measures success by how many valuable things his wife has.

.A single man works for himself, the pay is great and the hours are flexible. while married man works for his wife, there is no pay and hours are not negotiable.

A single man hardly messes things up. ...while married man hardly gets things right....

A single man will spend his whole life trying to achieve his goals.... while married man will spend his entire life trying to achieve his wife’s goals.

A single man follows his ‘to-do’ list. while married man follows his ‘honey-do’ list...

so gal= be sure you are dating a right guy... think before you date them... ;-)
Wow that's something!
I don't usually like these lists, but this one contains a lot of truth.
Good luck Joyce - I like your attitude - you know that.



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