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i guess we better say gods help me out

if they are there or not exist or not 

at least we are trying to approach 

if you dont really believe in any God its all right 


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Why not ask Goddesses help you?

What is the point of this ?

I don't see where you have asked the God(s) for anything in this posting,

I don't see where you have looked for the meaning of the God(s),

I also don't see where you have asked anyone's opinion if any of us has feelings about a God(s) or not.

More explanation is required hehe, even for a god that is all knowing and all seeing, I think that they may have also this same feeling and not respond due to this one point.

Depends, are you Hindu?

Does God(s) have a membership or profile on SZStuff?

@Robert, there used to be. I was one of them gods. I don't know why ASM got rid of the god system.

I think I made it to the SZS Pantheon, but somehow secularism has managed to reach to distant shore as well.

Nice poem.

depends in whether you believe in unity of god or multiplicity.

in any case who helps you at that need is your god isnt it.



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