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This guy is brilliant

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Brilliant, every economics student had to read his fecking book!

He just made the guy look like a naive little child

I don't see how you can say this.  Donahue merely posed questions to the guest speaker.  He advocated no position or took no side.  The guest was the one who tried to make them look like statements and misguided ones at that.  I'm not a Donahue fan, but there are few if any who can make him look like a naive child.  This man wasn't one of them.  His responses to the questions were interesting though.  If true they bode ill for the welfare of the common man in China.

You know the guy being questioned was Milton Friedman?

Hi Robert.  No I didn't realiaze that until  you mentioned it, and even then I had to look him up to be very aware exactly who he was. 

I did find this statement about him during my Google:  "it must be said that there were some serious questions about his intellectual honesty when he was speaking to the mass public."  And that was the feeling I got watching the video clip.  It seemed that he was trying to grandstand his statements.

That also explains Donahue's youthful appearance.

Unfortunately if you have ever had to study economics he is frequently mentioned as he was a strong advocate of market based economic practices and minimal government intervention.

Note that the guy who wrote that, Paul Krugman, is an ardent opponent to Austrian Economics, the school of thought Milton Friedman defended his whole life.


For anyone who is interested here are 2 documentaries made by Milton Friedman:

greed is everywhere.   Ironically the Chinese version of capitalism is uglier and more raw than their western counterparts where the Chinese people seem to think they hold a higher moral ground over them for being poorer (relatively speaking).
That's only because it is a few decades behind in its establishment. If anything Chinese are blatant in flaunting their wealth when they have it.
Ha!  I sell some product in China only because it is so expensive!
Then you must be doing very well!
It's a tough job but somebody has to do it.



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