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What did you do for your people that you are so affectionate about? What have YOU done to better their lives with your superior business acutement and education system?  Did you or Chinese business elite use their business skills to better the lives of their fellow countrymen?  So you made a little money in speculating real estate for yourself and drove other lower income people of your country out of affordable housing and call this progress?  You want to export that predatory practices to the western world?  No, thanks, you can keep your brand of capitalism and keep it where the Sun don't shine.

BTW, mordem capitalism was originated from Great Britain according to you that should be covered in elementary schools in China.

This is happening in the USA every single day. Don’t deny it. Have one of you driven to the home depot and pickup labours name Jose?  

Americans are so about themselves. You have this Arizona immigration law targets Latinos, but everyone loves cheap labour and someone to mow your lawn or sell bottle of water at 100F degree over Las Vegas Blvd in the summer, where no American would ever do such jobs.

This isn’t predatory practices?

Talking about predatory, where can we find more private prisons around the world rather than the USA? More than 1% of Americans were incarcerated. In the private prison, it’s for profit…Wake up American….this is the greed...... greed to lock up more people for profit.

Why there are Chinese students everywhere in the U.S. Because school works are much easier and admission is generally lower compared with Chinese one.


You must be kidding yourself here, Mister. You're so out of touch of the reality. Not because you're half Chinese does it mean that you can speak for the Chinese people who send their kids to the US or Europe to study. Live here and know your people before you spout nonsensical claims.

Why there are Chinese students everywhere in the U.S. Because school works are much easier and admission is generally lower compared with Chinese one

There are so many ABC's in the states that are doing just as badly as the Americans.  Hehe!

American system is totally diffrent than the Chinese system, so using measurement for Chinese system to evaluate American system, you are likely to miss the boat.  there are just as many bright American students as any where else in the world.  Smart is not a Chinese monopoly, academic is not the only thing they are evaluated on american students.  Like I said, did Chinese schools teaches about social responsibilities, charities, or services to the comminities?  What I saw in China is the "me first" culture, not "us" hence the flauting of personal wealth, lack of courtesy to strangers, and driving conditions among others.

For the students from China, yes, they are some very bright ones, but at what price?  Mom and dad dropped some dough buying a house, car, and a bank account then set the kids loose.  there is a suburban white bread area in LA, half of the town is owned by Chinese but they are not looked upon favorably in term of how they jack up real estate prices and their children flaunting the wealth of their parents. 

Don’t blame Chinese for jacking up real estate price.. that’s how a free market works. Let a market be a market.

 I mean there is government cheese there. If some of American love a place called Soviet Union, where they can live by the river and eat government cheese. Go ahead and vote for that kinda of government. Being popular and  lead mobs to take away property or against property value are totally un-American.

Or do you wanna a country which creates job by attracting more capital. If you can not afford a house in the USA, I am sorry. It’s too bad. This is the USA. For some Americans who do not know the US constitution, there is a piece of legislation called “Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution”.  Which the government can't simply claim eminent domain and take a citizen's property.


People have no rights to point fingers at Chinese. If this 19 centaury, your ancestors are looting in Africa and China obviously.

Did your school teach your ancestors the social responsibility?

There is a reason why it is called “emerging market”. I am not denying there are such social unrest and challenges of the society. That is the reason one of you are working or living here, rather than collecting welfare cheque at home or work at Mcjobs. Cuz China is the wild Wild West. Maybe one of you wanna become the sheriff of the China eh?

Oh, I see.  Another I am (was, rather)  the victim here defense.  I think your mom is calling you to make your bed.

You just don't get it Jon. CHINA IS SPECIAL!! you can not say anything negative about it because the people will spout out a load of shit about how your country was and what your people have done.


Example: The is a murder in a country and I say that guy is scum.


English response: Yes he is a cunt.

American response: Yeah that guy is a jackass.

Australlian respons: Stttrrrreeeeewww watta fackin wayynker.

Chinese response: Your country has murders too!! Your country killed Chinese people!! how dare you say anything bad about chinese people you foreigner. you couldn't get a job in your home country so you come to China to fuck our women and eat all of our food. if you don't like it just go home!!

Greed will be the destruction of man, because of greed for more land thousands a day are dying some place in the world as the greed leader moves into some other places and starts shooting. The guy in the video was saying only one part of the word greed as he never even talked about the millions killed every year from one form of greed or another.

Like everything greed needs balance in order to be functional in any system.

Now let me get back to reading.



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