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I m sz local, actually I m not familiar with sz, also a Laowai here but know Chinese, haha. 

SZ is a special city in China, because it is a domain for people all over China and alos the world. Now matter what the outcome, we need to survive in the city, we work hard and play hard. Seems many laowai here have such life style.

Ok, so anyone here want to discuss more of the life in sz?

I think sz stuff is a good platform for multiple view.

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As a shenzhen local, I of course prefer SZ to GZ, but what I like GZ more it is the localization of Guangdong culture. We accept the new thing at the same time should remain the old also. 

For your other points, I dont have many thing to say as I m not familar with. 

There are a few hundred thousand real local inhabitants and over 14 million immigrants from other parts of China. Locals are a minority here.

f*&k making that much sulfurous and/or sulfuric acid in my lungs

lol wot alot of old people here speak canto and a good few that come here know a decent amount of canto too 

I guess im not really in the bustling area tho 

sorry,girl,i dont get your point.

SZ provides a platform for village girls from Hunan and Hubei to come and mate with foreign boys.

hello bird,get hurt by Hunan or Hubei girls?

No, what makes you say that?

Bo, have you heard of the sour grape story? Ben must have been rejected by many Hunan or Hubei girls, that what losers do when they get rejected. 

Ben must have been rejected by many Hunan or Hubei girls

Unnecessary qualifications.

LOL, thx for the careful correction.



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