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what's the difference between with dating foreigners ?

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I haven't got the time and the patience to teach a woman about sex from scratch.  You'd better know a few tricks before hand!


Selfish! :-P ;-)

so if they date a Chinese girl and sleep with her for a few weeks then dump her, they don’t think that this is really a problem. 

True, absolutely. That is one of the major problems, and lots of discussion here, implicitly or explicitly, have been based on that.

Bottom line, you should take every person as an individual,

Thumbs up!!




according to discussion topic title, colours are wrong. it should be opposite.

i did not its good dont you think if you need some drop a mail

that will keep you very busy

I dated a white girl in the US she was more Asian then me haha

That's nice.

Let's clarity, did you travel or fuck all over Asian?

Just like an argument, it takes two side to converse!

99.9% ycg want to sleep with foreigners

80% ycg wants to sleep with chinese

Hope that clears your ignorance!

Sure I have, I have dated plenty of Chinese girls. So what?




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