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what's the difference between with dating foreigners ?

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people was born in the earlier 80s in china ,most of their parents were strict with them on something  .for example :girls were not allowed to go out in the evening ; what kinds of friends u gonna make with ? it seems like parents had to be involved with everything . so after those people started to work in the group , they didn't know how to look for someone to love or being loved . lots of pressure from family then . because it's time to marry for them at their age . now we can watch few chinese tv shows about speeding love match . what do they  want ? they want marriage . or not just marriage .first rule , see if guys have houses ,cars ,stable jobs and money ....... they call "This is the real world , we have to face the truth " . well , i don't deny that . at least we still need to survive in this world and need some money to live .

virgin , i think there is still some anyway .  if someone want to find one , he /she can still get one .ha^0^

I haven't got the time and the patience to teach a woman about sex from scratch.  You'd better know a few tricks before hand!


Selfish! :-P ;-)

so if they date a Chinese girl and sleep with her for a few weeks then dump her, they don’t think that this is really a problem. 

True, absolutely. That is one of the major problems, and lots of discussion here, implicitly or explicitly, have been based on that.

Bottom line, you should take every person as an individual,

Thumbs up!!




according to discussion topic title, colours are wrong. it should be opposite.

i did not its good dont you think if you need some drop a mail

that will keep you very busy

I dated a white girl in the US she was more Asian then me haha

That's nice.

Let's clarity, did you travel or fuck all over Asian?

Just like an argument, it takes two side to converse!

99.9% ycg want to sleep with foreigners

80% ycg wants to sleep with chinese

Hope that clears your ignorance!

Sure I have, I have dated plenty of Chinese girls. So what?





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