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A friend from Beijing came to visit me last night. After few greeting words, she asked me: have you been hit on when walking on street? I was a little surprised at the question but I said no and I really can't recall any experience like that. I asked have you? She said yes.
We went out to sea world at 11pm since she wants to see the bar area and coco park is too faraway from me. But I think she was dissapointed because she kept on saying not so many people. Well, I am sorry for that but I was too tired to go to coco park besides what if no many people there either?

At about 12:30am, we were walking across the Seaworld square to take taxi and go back home. Really no many people arround. Two men passed by and one of them said loudly: "we really need to discuss about this uncommon situation" I didn't realize he was talking to me. But then he walked to me and I thought he was trying to ask for directions. But it seems he walked too close to me for asking for directions, he repeated that sentence and not sure why my reaction was: I stopped and asked back"what? What uncommon situation?" At that moment, my friend already walked about 5meters away from me. The man was saying some more words but I didnt pay attention. I looked at my frirnd, She turned back and gave me the sign of "let's leave". I was there and got lost for few seconds. Many thoughts were going on in my mind:

My friend didn't have fun, maybe we can hit on with these guys.
Wait, why do they hit on us? Is it because at this time they think we are prostitute?
If they are looking for prostitute then we will waste their time...
Why do they assume we are prostitute? Only because of the time or also because we look sexy?


Funny that only after two hours my answer would be different to to my friend's question.

The man was so close to me that I could see his eyes clearly in the weak light, so I looked into his eyes with all these questions, he asked: are you leaving? And this question brought my sense back to me, yes, we are leaving, sorry...bye.

I know, silly, dumb me, my friend already told me her bias at me. How come you behaved so dumb in that situation? Just ignore him and walk away.

Other girls, What was your reaction?

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Not true, I replied this to your post, and then your post was gone.....nevermind

Lets live in the real world. When a guy wants to spend time with a woman, sex must be on his mind as part of the equation. I don't think he is after your secret recipe for Lasagne.

I really don't care what is going on in guys' minds. I posted this discussion to discuss about girls' reaction.

Why don't you wear a normal dress at midnight? Would the guys' chances been better if they were better looking? 

I wear cloths for myself, not for guys, ok? There are different dresses for different occations, night dresses shouldn't be wore at day time, reverse the same.

Would the guys' chances been better if they were better looking? 

Yes, I believe so. But for me really no different. My taste on guy figures was always laughed at by other girls...


Well well~~

As a girl, I might be deaf on that moment but kinky eyes on other girls with short skirts. I never feel like talking to a stranger especially at midnight. I am fear of "prostitute catcher"...


In Malaysia where homosexuality is banned I got hit on 4 times in one day.  One was some kind of cat call, another was a man calling me so cute, another was a man touching my arm and then finally some old man tried to chat me up.  It's really strict in malaysia too.

I understand it is very strict on You!  :-D



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