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How dangerous is it when i get to know strangers in a club:
1) she/he take drugs...
2) she/he is a serial killer...
3) she/he cheats...
am I watching too many scary movies?

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1. About a 20% probability
2. Very unlikely indeed
3. Very likely

Get to know people in SZstuff instead where the answers would be:

1. About a 20% probability
2. Very unlikely indeed
3. Very likely
Just Beware of MIKE when u meet him in clubs .... he will suddenly Attack you with his lots of sweet words , stories .. ... ATTACKER OF YCG .. lol
1) Maybe you do
2) Maybe you are
3) Maybe you as well

Silly questions. Why don't you move to some remote mountain top and never leave your home.
May I suggest Mt. Chomolungma?
not talking to strangers,if you hot,rich,health~~~~~
dangerous ? in what way?
is that easier for ppl to make up stories there ?
so dangerous is coming once you blind to the fake tales or sth?
Who knows, God knows
i've met the strangest and stupidest people in the club...but not dangerous.
mm~~that's why i put myself in danger so often!
oh well, i think a knife or gun wouldn't help...there's no time for you to take it from your pocket when danger really, EVERYBODY, learn kongfu, judo or boxing in advance *-*
not that dangerous if only you are cautious enough. If danger comes, you run away
I can tell you sth unbelievable last night:
when it was 3:30 am, my dog(sleeps in my room on her own bed) started to bark continuously towards the window of my room, in a fighting position, seriously. She barked and she went to every room to wake up the whole family. Even after we checked out the window and get the lights on, she did not lay lown her fighting position. She kept being alarmed for around half an hour(she's usually amazingly smart).
We believed that she's trying to scare away the thief, as a thief broke into my home and left a cleaver in my home many years ago!
Little animals sometimes have a better sense and understanding than human!



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