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How dangerous is it when i get to know strangers in a club:
1) she/he take drugs...
2) she/he is a serial killer...
3) she/he cheats...
am I watching too many scary movies?

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Little animals sometimes have a better sense and understanding than human!

And in your case, this seems to be the absolute truth.
She/he has AIDS
Hahaha, you can catch AIDS if AIDS carriers blink at you with their left eye and poke their tongue out at a distance of 3 - 5 metres away from you.
looool of course not. But who knows if you like the person then you gone back home with him/her... then you know.
Gareth, i know you're trying to make it scary...but we are not that silly ahaha~~
but heard that there are chances to catch up have nails one or hair wash~~~woo...dangerous!
Nah, he's not trying to scare us, It's sarasm joke, he meant it's not easy to catch AIDS by just meeting someone chatting or talking. That's great sense of humor lolol
Around 1,000,000 to 1, pretty good odds though you'll be killed 14 times by a serial killer before you win the British lottery on this basis
~ is it easier to be killed by a serial killer than to win a lottery ~ is that true?
2. Well option 2 would be the only cause of concern and if so there's nothing you can do about it anyway. I wouldn't have thought you'd have more chance of meeting one in a club than anywhere else.

1. I can't see how it would be dangerous to you if they were on drugs, I think I'd be more worried about drunk people.

3. Presumably they aren't your partner so what?
mm....sounds reasonable! so the best is to keep not drunk and awake!
If you are a guy, you have a higher chance to run into gold diggers, which is more dangerous?
The really stupid gold-diggers can be a lot of fun.
fortunately i'm no a guy....well is there male-gold-diggers? oops!



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