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How do guys behave/ talk when they were chasing you VS dumping you?

Like, when he was chasing you, 

        you say: we are totally two different kinds of people..

        he says: I will prove that we will be happy together. I'm gonna make you laugh everyday.


        when he was dumping you,

        you say: (with crying)you said that you would make me laugh everyday

        he says: (coldly) we are totally two different kinds of people..


For more infor, just check this out:

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you say: (with crying)you said that you would make me laugh everyday


btw, for more info I clicked the link..And guess what?
it is Chinese language, the link.
There's nothing more to say, you've said everything...
Oh, should I be serious...NO!

When I am chasing them I ask them how much.
When I am dumping them I give them a nice tip.
Bill dear,

If I may...
When I am considering doing a business with them, I place deposit.
When the service is up to satisfaction, I pay the rest plus a nice tip.
Pretty much like what women will do when they decide to leave a guy, except women can be more destructive when they feel they are the victims in relationships.

People change, both men and women, some for better while some just can't work out..such as life right?
I understand, agree.
Just make love... And never split up.

What? I said something wrong?
Break-up sex is great...because it happens only once.

Now I think I am being silly :-p
That's a concept I don't get.

I prefer making up sex. I'd fight just for that.
All I can say is, dumplings is better than...



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