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In particular, do you take into account the probabilities of natural disasters?  I’m not talking about the people who were born and grew up there, but we mobiles who choose where we live to some extent.


The recent earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan are in seismologically very active areas, so the timing and strength of the quakes may be a surprise, but the fact should not be.  Maybe California is due a big one soon?  The southern coastline of the USA is mostly low-lying and is in a hurricane zone, so major flooding is to be expected every now and again. 


On a much reduced scale, Worcester has some nice houses down by the River Severn.  Every year or so it rains in Wales, the river rises, and the houses flood.  The house prices reflect this and these people can’t get insurance - so they make appeals to the city for assistance.


Shenzhen is in one of the best disease breeding grounds in the World – do SARS and H5N1 count as natural disasters?  They were first detected in Guangdong.  Is idiocy contagious?  I think we should be told.

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I am actually member of a French forum about babies and children. Any question you ask will be answered. They are great, and after four years there, I have a good idea of what to expect for every stage of a child's development. They are better than a book, because they are real mums with real solutions. That forum saved me many times from a panic attack.
I've had four kids - it's not only mums you know.
My friend has medical insurance, but says that she gets much better treatment if she slips the doctor 50/100rmb as well.

My friend has medical insurance, but says that she gets much better treatment if she slips the doctor 50/100rmb as well.


I have a major problem with doing this, Don't doctors need to take an oath or something to service the ill.

..."common sense", and sadly, it doesn't exist here.

I used to think that.  They do have common sense though, what's common to the Chinese and their society might not be the same as our western society's common sense, that's all.

Well said - this is amongst the topics that I vowed to myself not to discuss again when I returned to the site.

I believe not every common sense is universal to all human beings, there is, again I believe, cultural common sense.  So you're right, the Chinese cultural common sense would only work in China.

So far, I haven't adopted to the Chinese common sense yet, and I believe I never will.

Wow, I have learnt a lot from what you said. I have several different hats, only for decoration, now I know how important they are in winters, especially if no enough hair left on the head, hahaha.  I decide to buy hats for my parents as small gifts this winter. Small gift but thoughful mind. Thank you Lady.

Black teeth used to come from a lack of calcium i.e. not drinking milk for long enough when they were kids, now it is because of things like the coke that comes with the McD happy meals.


You better enrol you kid in a better school or move to a better part of town.

My daughter has no bad teeth and she eats at McD, she eats many other sweets as well. But still no bad teeth, She has how ever never had IV drip at any of the hospitals here, where her friend has bad teeth and never eats at McD and hardly ever eats sweets, bad always gets IV drip at Hospital.


It has nothing to do with controlling  your kid is has to do with over use of IV antibiotics.


Another Wu Mao statement from you sir.

You may teach your daughter good dental hygiene. Others may not.

In China, taking tetracycline is the major reason that makes children have black teeth. Many children from countryside had no chance to take tetracycline when they were young, this helped them keep their teeth whiter and stronger than children grew up in cities.



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