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How do you keep things professional when it comes to an Ex you were deeply in love with?

Story behind:

I was with this guy for about 2 years, we were engaged and planed to get married but before that his visa was expired and he couldn't find a suitable job in China that he had to go back to Canada for his career development. He then broke up with me after 1 year of separation claimed that he did not feel for me anymore. I was hurt and couldn't get it over with that I had to leave Guangzhou which full of our memory to work in Shenzhen.

Current Situation:

We are both some sort of professionals in mobile game industry that we are working in the same company again, and he is involved with my day to day work which I can't avoid. My employer is a Nasdaq listed IT company and I do have a stable career growth with it, I understand that things were long over and I should be smart enough to deal with it and ignore my personal feelings for him but I just can't. 


Could you guys give me some suggestions what I should do? Stay or resign and try to get another job which might be a bit more difficult to have the same opportunity as I have it here...

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Why not win him back?

I did try and it didn't work :)

Thanks Stefan, I think I will most likely end up with the worst case T.T we managed to work together professionally but I just don't feel right about it, it still hurts.

If you're good at what you do, I don't see any problems in moving to a different company.

Humm.. you are right, I did not mention that I also have stock options in this current company which i will not have the execution right until June 2015, and I did received a few intereting offers but I chose to stay for the money. We are both working professionally but when I get home late at night the feelings came back to me. Should I stay for the money or just move to another company in this case? The amount of money I would have if I wait would be around 10times of my annual salary.

What was the best thing he did to you?

I had srs emotional issues and he helped me to control it and stay calm at all times

She could get a promotion, become his boss and then fire him. Problem solved.

I did ask him not to join this company and tried asking his director not to hire him without mentioning our history and ut did not work lol

why don't you just take a step at a time, treat each day as it comes instead of focusing on what you want and what will happen, not all things can be planned in life.

I am not sure I am a believer of "lets move on" concept, since every person who comes in your life for shorter or longer time does bring a change consciously or unconsciously  in you whether you like it or not. So cherish it and live with it. Actually You will agree there was some thing that brought  you together before, considering you were colleagues before you became love birds. why not bring that chemistry first and see where it takes. At least it will make you perform better then what you will do single handedly.

I get your point and thanks for the positive opinion! 

Hello lady.

It seems like you have a really nice opportunity in your current job.

It would be a shame to throw it all away, because of this problem. Have you tried talking to him about it? You say that he helped you through some bad times before, it sounded like he was a good guy.



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