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I am not sure if I should just make it into a blog post, as I don't think there may be many responses.

Anyway, let me have a try.

I have come across quite an interesting blog entry by an American woman, in the middle of making a decision on where to live and work: Shanghai or Hong Kong.

Here is the link:

Now, what I found the most interesting is that she had obviously stayed a very short time in both places. I gather they were more like tourist trips. 

The comments following are another point of interest: once again, people are so damn different, sometimes it really does make you wonder how the same thing can viewed so differently by different folks. 

However, a couple of commenters on there do note that her judgement and conclusions are skewed because she has not effectively lived in either place, therefore it's a bit pushing it with conclusions on which city is more livable etc. 

So what do you think? How long do you need to have lived in a place to be able to evaluate it in a more or less balanced way? Or is the first impression enough, actually? 

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I can't get the link to work here - I'll try tomorrow in SZ Office.

Are you saying that you're in Hong Kong today, Mike?

Well, apparently, as someone pointed out later on, Wordpress is banned in China. :-P

What if she really is a Harvard graduate? Are all Harvard graduates morons, or only those who describe themselves as such (irrespective of whether they have actually been to Harvard)? ;-)

So stay away from Oxbridge or Harvard ....


Why Oxbridge? You didn't read it right, it seems.

Well-said, Mr Tomato! :D

Well, actually, I met a few really intelligent Harvard graduates. One of them is our choir director :-) She certainly is a very smart, knowledgeable woman.

The young guys that I met through her, and who used to be part of one of the a-capella groups there, were super smart too. But perhaps the important factor in their case was that they all got into Harvard on their merit and were in fact getting scholarships from the university. They didn't come from filthy rich families that only had to pay their fees in order to be university students.

so that's exception does.


A Harvard diploma opens a helluva lot more doors than one from Wayne County Community College.

So why Shanghai? In which way is it better (for you)? 

Between Taipei and Shanghai, which one would you prefer? 

Thing is, this girl makes comparison between Shanghai and Hong Kong and honestly some of her reasoning is a bit weird to me.

But the comments on there are even more interesting than the post itself!! :-D

Sorry, June, I have not noticed Shanghai's atmosphere to be as international as Hong Kong's.

Honestly, to me Shanghai is still a very Chinese city, despite its history, and while it may be attractive to some who are visiting or those like yourself, Mandarin-speaking Chinese, for me it's not a great option.

Job is important when choosing a place to live and in that respect, if Shanghai works out better for you, so be it.
I do hope, though, that you manage to successfully return to Taipei. :-)

I also cannot get into the link.

First impression is not reliable.  I think it at least takes about one year to tell if you like a place or a person.



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