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His neck had 4 surgeries. He's 36. How many games do you think He'll last before he's out for the season?

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I'm a Broncos fan and I am really not sure if this is a good idea. How much are we paying him?

You can say that again, I am also a huge Bronco fan, enjoyed last years magical lucky Tebow run, but yeah I don't think this was a good move and I predict the first game: soreness in the neck, by the second game a reported injury and end of season before the 3rd game.... BTW there was a "Neck injury Salary" insurance put into his contract. 

Elway, Elway, Elway, He said:  Tebow has earned the right to be the starting QB when training camp open!. ( BS).

Well lets sit back and see what happens.

It goes against the philosophy of building for the future. Of course if the Broncos have a great year it looks like an inspired move, but the absolute best case scenario is 3 good seasons out of him. He is a legend for sure but his best days are almost certainly behind him. 

Broncos are a here and now team, they feel they have all the pieces in place to make a serious run next season, except at QB.  Manning was never projected to be the future of the Broncos, he is there to win them a ring quickly.  I think he will stick around 2-3 seasons as the Broncos will need to draft a future starter and one that can be developed under Manning.  I expect the Broncos to draft a QB and WR's this draft to help Manning out.

Isn't your wife calling you to do the dishes or take out the trash?



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