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His neck had 4 surgeries. He's 36. How many games do you think He'll last before he's out for the season?

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I'm a Broncos fan and I am really not sure if this is a good idea. How much are we paying him?

You can say that again, I am also a huge Bronco fan, enjoyed last years magical lucky Tebow run, but yeah I don't think this was a good move and I predict the first game: soreness in the neck, by the second game a reported injury and end of season before the 3rd game.... BTW there was a "Neck injury Salary" insurance put into his contract. 

Elway, Elway, Elway, He said:  Tebow has earned the right to be the starting QB when training camp open!. ( BS).

Well lets sit back and see what happens.

It goes against the philosophy of building for the future. Of course if the Broncos have a great year it looks like an inspired move, but the absolute best case scenario is 3 good seasons out of him. He is a legend for sure but his best days are almost certainly behind him. 

Broncos are a here and now team, they feel they have all the pieces in place to make a serious run next season, except at QB.  Manning was never projected to be the future of the Broncos, he is there to win them a ring quickly.  I think he will stick around 2-3 seasons as the Broncos will need to draft a future starter and one that can be developed under Manning.  I expect the Broncos to draft a QB and WR's this draft to help Manning out.

who? LOL

Isn't your wife calling you to do the dishes or take out the trash?

LOL, something like that mate, arrggg, such is life.

It's all good. :-)





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