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Just wanna ask this

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That's about it.

In what?
None whatsoever.
how much? 0% interest...
none lol
I'm camping in front of the stadium, I wanna be the first one to get it, I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fake tickets for a fake world event, I think it's pretty fair.

I imagine that SZ will come to a grinding halt.

I fear the same thing...:-P


Damn that is funny, I must make a note never re

I have the same amount of interest as most people outside of Shenzhen which is 0%.  I had never even heard of it before it came to Shenzhen.


It is a joke. 


Consider the last summer games were held in Belgrade Serbia...LOL, yeah really world class!  The next one is is Kazan....LOL Yes, Shenzhen is really in with some "first class" company.


The only purpose of the games being held in Shenzhen was that the local government could steal some more money from the people.  My god, how many schools and hospitals could they have built?


It is truly the game of shame. 

If this was not so sick it would be funny...

Here are the cities that Shenzhen "beat" to have the honor to host the games...


For the 2011 Summer Universiade, the bidding cities were the following:




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