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a lot, can't wait!

Do you know I've been thinking about this question a lot recently - and I think I was being way too negative without appreciating the event for what it is.


Some of the sports represented will feature some of the people who are to be tomorrow's sports superstars (except football) and I'd like to check out some of the events others sneer at too like the chess.


It's here on our doorstep and to write it off without participating is starting to feel like I'm being overly snide. I'll let you know how it actually goes before bitching again...

I think some of the local people where they live near by  truly don't like it.. cause they have to leave their hom and keep all lights on..

Enough to participate in it?

I do not understand why some residents live closely have to be evicted from their own homes during the opening ceremony. Can you believe if this ever happened in Vancouver during 2010 Winter Olympic?  my house is my castle.. i'd never let anyone tell me to leave my house.

some street vendors close to where I stay were kicked out as well. therefore I was unable to get my Chinese long doughnut in the morning.. I was quite mad…

why the hell this sports game has anything to do with the Chinese long doughnut? are you out of your mind? Street vendors told me it would be their last day here, cuz they were not permitted to operate business here anymore during the game.

@ Eugene, I also dont know why so many landowners In beijing had to be "forcibly" (against their will) evicted from the site around where the Beijing "bird's nest' was built.

I guess they have to have their moment though don't they.

If you were one of the stalwart landowners there, what does it feel like to have all your power cut off and your houses flooded with water; certainly helps the bulldozers move in to get rid of your house.

Incidentally when Dong hai was getting revamped three months ago, they shut off all the gas to the little restaurants and power, and by doing so, made the restauranteurs evict themselves from their premises, it sucks balls, as our favourite little Xinjiang restaurant doesn't exist there anymore!

Thankyou for looking after all your people China, man this place rocks!

yeah right! ;-(

I have no interest on this now as I get it done long time ago...

not really. sorry to say that






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