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At the heart of something strong is sex, but sex isn't just about two people getting naked and tangled up together, is it?

(A lot of other things are involved, things that make you feel so good you forget who you are, and things you hold so dear you're afraid to go to sleep...)

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its something that can get girls pregnant

My dad told me girls get pregnant if boys stare at their boobs for too long, so I shouldn't do that.

yes, you shouldn't

Pfft... just more and more stupid old horny men from America infesting this site! Soon I will leave.

I guess you weren't a good boy, maybe still you are not. ;-P


Agreed. Just trying to inspire people to share one or two of the things like I did myself. ;)

For fuck sake HEATHER!

Just go eat laid! Plenty of free boys in Thailand waiting to try your Fujian oven :)

You're trying to change the meaning of the word 'sex', if you want to add your spiritual and ethical bullshit to two or more people fucking, please go visit those new age spiritual wazzy fuzzy websites

Are you a ghost or a friend of mine?

hmmm, I will leave that for you to define :)

That's sucks. ;(

Because of Ms. M,(the desire for) sex is a reason for me to learn how to cook. Before that, it had no reason to exist.I don't think my parents would have had sex. It is too gross. I think they bought me from Taobao.



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