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At the heart of something strong is sex, but sex isn't just about two people getting naked and tangled up together, is it?

(A lot of other things are involved, things that make you feel so good you forget who you are, and things you hold so dear you're afraid to go to sleep...)

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If your only experience of sex is 2 pumps n a squirt, without ever knowing nor experiencing an orgasm - there's no wonder u would need to ask....

What do you mean exactly?

Do you mean that if someone has known or experienced an orgasm, there would be no need to ask what sex is?

It's best taken with La Casa's hot choco brownie and margarita on the rocks.

bullshit...SEX IS SEX

哈哈 classic Penguin


Mean Penguin! But I laughed...:D

Now there Heather you know if you want to have sex you can just WeChat me, your my bestest FB. *___-

I am always ready to shake my phone at you girl.



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