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I used to accept any friend request to accept any chance for a friendship,cuz I cannot ensure who will become a real good friend without knowing in real life and I don't wanna lose any chance to know someone interesting...


As I have been busy and will be busy as well, so not much time to figure out why I am on "someone's" Friends list, so I have to do some cleaning about it. But how???




1. I've tried but failed.

2. It would be very appreciated if you can leave me a message on My Page,and more appreciated if you can explain something before you add me as your friend.

3. Thank you, My Friend! 

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It's easy, there are two ways to delete the list, one is to leave the website, another way is login your page and remove the list you don't like.

Leaving the website is not what I want. If so, why bother to be here? ;)

I find it trivial to do this.  Who cares if they are your real friends in life or not.  If you want real life friends, then go outside and meet some.  As Joyce said, click on each friend you want to delete and remove them.

Nope, that's not what I meant. Being a real friend could be a pen pal, no need to meet in person. I would rather call it whether you can learn something from the person or not, not just knowing the person.

Not all the ones I've known in real life are my friends. So that's not the point.

I just did not know how to remove the one. Seen from

Got it. Thanks! ;)

OK, I got the message and I'll make it easy for you, I'll remove you:-)

I'll cry like a flood if you remove me. ;P

Well, I'm hoping you won't delete me!

I've been looking for Cynic, but it's so hard to find out. So I give up on Cynic. Satisfied? ;P

Come to Thailand.

I may get lost very easily before arriving in Thailand. ;)

Ouch !!

Its not ME is it ???????????????????

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry !!!!

I'm sorry that I said all those good things about you Heather.

It will never happen again.

I promise, DON't DELETE ME, PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!




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