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Anyone know a pub/bar/beer garden in or around the area between Guo Mao and Diwang? It all seems to be trashy clubs or restaurants, so far the only places I can find to have a drink, relax or read a book is Starbucks - but coffee doesn't work so well with relaxing for me. Cheers.

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There used to be a decent bar over at the intersection of Friendship St and I don't remember the road. It's in the shops that belong to the International Mansion Apartments and is very close to Guo Mao. Friendship St is a fairly small street so you should have no problem finding it, if it's still there.
Cheers, I'll have a dekko.
Was called Bourbon Street Bar.
It still is, but while it might have been cool once it's terrible now.
hehe, watering hole!!!!!! that is a funny place to call.
Sounds better than "a lonely place that alcoholics who hate loud music can go to to pretend they have a social life".
this is the place that I was thinking about too.

Used to be called Henry J Beans. Not too bad of a place. You should check it out.
No, not yet. I checked out the Bourbon Street bar a couple of times but it was always empty, I finally gave it a shot even though there was nobody there. It's loud with no live music in sight, and it's no real wonder it's empty - it's a shithole that serves terrible beer and rips you off for the crap pool table.
La Casa at Coco park is a godsend so far, there may be other places, but I've not found them yet.
La Casa at Coco Park is chilled out. and accessible. Also there's a bar in the Pool/Snooker centre next to U Bar, between Guo Mao and Mix C. I checked it out yesterday to play pool as I wasn't feeling up to snooker at my regular place, and it looks pretty cool for a quiet drink with mates. Plus you can always play pool or snooker.
La Casa is unique as far as I know. I live near Ke Xue Guan Station and don't now of anything similar. The bars around Citic Plaza are quite boring unless you're with a crowd.



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