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i am tired.  wanna pick up one who likes me and is nice to me. How is it?  i am just tired. and dont wanna hang in there anymore.

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Marriage is not a word, is a sentence, a lifelong sentence. 

I think to get married with a wrong guy that you dont love would make you suffer more ...

If you are not happy yourself , Marriage wont help .

Another person might bring you some joy , also he might bring you more trouble

Too young to get married. But in China, woman over 26 is having less and less choice in marriage.Have you think of it,do you really get ready for a marriage? Singles dont have problems with the baby,grandpa/ma,house,keep relationship with husband...etc

Is 3 yrs ago,So are you already get marry?

I can answer your question: I am not married yet. hahaha

Answer in detail: I don't have plan to get married, not this year,maybe not lifetime. I dont even think that i will live long. I think it is a crime for me to live after age 40 or 50 :-P

This is what happens when your sole purpose in life is getting married and having babies. You exist for this one purpose, and one purpose only, at least that is what it sounds like to me. While some people strive to be doctors, lawyers, scientists, some Chinese women strive equally hard to get married, and fulfill the expectations that have been drilled into them from birth by their parents.

"Get married to rich man, so that when we are old you can take care of us."

Most Chinese parents don't say that, but believe me, this is what most of them are concerned about. Chinese are both very practical, as well as very superficial in their concerns.

You have spent most of your life being far, far too concerned about finding a man and getting married, and have worked far too hard at it. You have worried about it too much, tried to force it too often, and because of this all your efforts have been for naught. You see, you cannot force love, affection, or marriage, these things come in time, and happen based on their own momentum, you cannot force them. If you attempt to do so all your efforts will be rather transparent, and men will see that all you care about is getting married, nothing more.

When you make something so venial, and facile your life's work do not be surprised if people see your efforts for what they are, both fake and empty. Men are not so stupid as you might think, and they know when you love them, or just the idea of marriage, in which they just happen to be involved peripherally. You actions will seem fake to most, and no man will marry such a person if he has half a brain.

Bottom line, you have spent far too much time trying to do something that isn't supposed to require any effort at all. You have pursued it as a goal, when it is not even a pursuit, and you have spent much of your life worrying and working to make something happen that cannot be made to happen. Is it any wonder you are tired? I think not.

well said

If you want to get married , don't scream it out , men will run away 

There's always right time for everything my dear. Don't rush it.

The trouble is not really in being alone, it's being lonely. One can be lonely in the midst of a crowd or even in a relationship. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not lonely. Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for. 

Pfft, even when I am alone I am not lonely, and hardly ever am. When people like themselves, know themselves well, and are comfortable with who they are they will never feel alone. You need to get to know yourself better; that is your problem.



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