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According to a recently-banned psychology book it is:

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Chinese men dont act like infants...they act more like toddlers

This is the exact kind of shit posting that prompted everybody had leave Shenzhenstuff

You're right. It is a

This is the exact kind of posting that prompted everybody to think that Shenzhenstuff was interesting.


I remember flying to BJ or SH once many moons ago, and the stewardess was flat out serving meals. A portly chap, probably in his 40's threw his meal on the floor in a fit a pique, due to the fact that she didn't drop what she was doing and immediately bring his free alcoholic drink.

Really, what a fat, short Emperor....... I want it now!

The other flight staff moved her away, so that fat guts wouldn't flare up again. 

I imagine if this recently occurred in America, things would have taken a very different turn.

Perhaps having siblings helps with some relationship skills?

Yeah, they're bunch of infants.  Screaming and yelling and destroying things when they didn't get what they want... like what happened after the last election in November.

It seems like the LBH expats in China are infants.  They can't speak Chinese and wonder around town dumfounded.  They get cheated by smart Chinese people.  Some say bad things in front of their face and they don't have a clue what they are talking about.

Cheated by smart Chinese people? So Chinese people who don't cheat are not smart? Cheating someone has nothing to do with being smart or not, it has to do with having honor, which many times is in short supply in this society. Apparently 'face' is supposed to be important here, but I guess in your eyes, cheating someone doesn't cause a loss of face and instead makes someone "smart“。。。

I don't agree with what some of the Chinese people do here.  I just see a lot of foreigners get cheated.  It's the same in America, immigrants there get cheated by whites.  That's why many foreigners stay together in America and only deal with other foreigners in America.

Face is only important with other Chinese people.  If they lose face with foreigners, it doesn't matter.

or do you mean overly trusting and naive?  as far as expatiates ?     I tend to give a person the benefit of the doubt until they squander the trust

How many people have squandered your trust?  Especially Chinese people?  




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