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Is that okay when a man ask woman for money? (story completed)


Well it's complicated.


We've known each other for only 3 months and we've dated before.


he now ask me to loan him money. He said it's for a friend and i know this friend and he(the friend) admited too.


I really want to help them but i can't. It seems to me that the guy who wanted to get money from me is getting away from me now.

I don't want to believe that he's that bad.


So,,is that okay when a man ask woman for money in this situation?



It's a really long story between me and him. If you need more information to help me figure out if this is ok, let me know.   




Here's the story.


When we first met was March. He was such a nice guy and his god damm beautiful eyes...when he looked me in the eyes, is like the whole world.  And we dated.

After a couple dates, we still didn't admit each other as a boy/girlfriend. Although he wanted bring me to meet his family (i know that's too soon) and we knew, he liked me, and i like him too.


And then something happen, we didn't contact at all for a few days. And then i decided to stay friends. He told me about his last relationship. He's got cheated on. And blah blah blah... Well this is really complicated and a real long story and it's about his private. So I'm not gonna write it here. Then he get hurt and is being desperate.


I think he must be hopeless and helpless or he shouldn't have asked me(or other women) to loan him money.


Finally, I didn't loan him the money but all I want to know is, is this guy reliable?


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You say it's a long story between you and him but you've been knowing him for three months only?
It's soooo complicated and it may take more than 2 hours to tell. Does it count ? "long story"?
Anything wrong with a girl giving a guy money are must it always be the girl with her hand out?
Is that okay when a man ask woman for money?

I don't see why not...

If you decide to loan him money, don't expect to get it back.
Yes, i got this point. If i don't need this money, i can totally give him..It's 1000 RMB and i kind of can't afford this.
Trust your instinct...
haha, it depends.
I'm not rich. Just he knew where i live and it's kindda a rich area.
Ps: I live with my parents.
yes please give him money and few days later come back with a new topic about men.
probably will be like " Where are the Real Men?" or " Fake people".
Haha,, funny...
I wouldn't lend my mother money, so I would say NO.



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