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Does anyone know where I can find any kendo or Japanese sword classes in shenzhen or dongguan?

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Hi Justin, I teach Karate to kids in a gym in Shekou, next to the Peninsula garden. The gym offers a wide range of martial arts courses: Judo, Aikido, MMA and even Iaido. Not sure about Kendo, but I can ask.

Thanks Zen...if you could ask that would be great...although Shekou is a little far from me

Any plan to teach around our area? If so then I want to register my daughter.

Wish I had the time to ask around and make some promotion. I'm really busy these days and can't move as free as I'd wish to. I'm still looking forward to add Karate hours to my schedule though.

If you're interested you can try to register your daughter at my gym.

Shekou is a bit far away. I will check. Thanks.


I would like to have more info about Aikido and Iaido.

I have practiced both martial arts for many years and before starting my own dojo in Longgang, where I live and work, I'd like to try and visit existing facilities! 


No English on the website, though. 

Those two people I know were doing kendo in SZ, but Nono has been inactive on the website for over a year:

Lenny, however, was still posting in mid-January:

thanks Droideka, Website is fine... all the information I need! thanks

Holler this guy he's into Kendo.

I was impressed by the name Kendo and Japanese Sword. But have no idea and can't imagine WHAT it would be like in your gym.


Check out my listing here at the link below, I have little doubt it is all you seek and more in regards to learning the sword authentically.

If you are still seeking to learn the sword I suggest you contact me. My website is below, and you will find all the information you need there.



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