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I want to ask a question about the level of education in different countries. My son is in Russian and in Chinese school in parallel, but only in 6th grade. I wonder what the primitive literature lessons in the Chinese school. There is no systematic approach to studying literature, students do not study the works of famous writers, and all of them do not know anything! Do not learn by heart the poems and do not write essays. I'm very disappointed. 

May be in high school  the situation will be better?

I spoke also with Americans - they do not know their well-known American writers.

I would like to hear your views on this matter.

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If you are unhappy? Would not educate your son yourself. Why give away your precious child to be brainwashed by the institutions?


The thing about famous writer, none everyone lots reading them. I for one, fucken hate reading shaking spears shit! 

In addition to the literature with the geography is also a big problem ... :)

Only  mathematics has  a good level.

Why do you need to know about other countries, when your country "middle kingdom"!

Because Fine Arts and Lit are boring and not useful in the world unless you are going to be a proper English teacher or open an art gallery.

Or for people who have rich parents who do not expect them to have pay their own way in life.

My daughter is 1 grade in primary school, her Chinese text book is very Childish, but still much better than what I have studied about 30 years ago. We did improve a little but still pretty much the same as before.

I watched a Child TV with her last evening. The subject was about the parents and teacher believes they should read the kid's diary. Oh my, I remember this topic was already discussed when I was a kid, how come they are still discussing/educating parents should not read the kid's diary? So frustrated thinking about how poor the education is in this country.

Educate her yourself!

I talked about the education systems in Russia and Poland (where I'm from) with one of my Russian friends (highly educated, very intelligent and smart woman), as well as with some of my Chinese friends (from both HK and SZ). Conclussion: Russian and Polish education systems (well, in the 80s and 90s, at least) were very similar and primary plus high school gave you a pretty much good idea about the surrounding world: from literature, through math, to physics, geography, biology or chemistry. Both me, my Russian and HK friends agree, that education system in Mainland as well as in HK across the board sucks ass

Well, you don't need to look far - just read some of the things the locals are posting here - as far as I can understand the gaps in their knowledge as far as history is concerned, everything else is just... oh my God. Experiment a bit, if you have any Chinese friends: give them an atlas, and ask them to find capital cities of European countries. Or where Peru is. Or ask them to tell you what countries Poland has boundaries with (99% of people who are not Polish or Russian don't know that we still have a border with you guys). They know nothing and don't care to know anything. Well, apparently ignorace is bliss. 

Despite of the fact that My bed it about 10mins was trying to be sarcastic, I actually think it is a good advice. Do not entrust your kid's education with local schools. Teach him yourself, or hire some tutors if you don't have the time. 

The fact that we didn't have a television till I was in my teens and that there were very few interesting programmes till I was out of them, meant that I read a lot [Note to Penguin - including Dickens, Shakespeare and the dirty bits of Chaucer, but NOT Hardy].  Schooling covered the basics and I filled them in for myself.  We also had practical classes in some subjects, but my horseshoes would fit no known animal.  Judging from my kids, schooling still covers much the same ground, but with more emphasis on social [sex] and citizenship issues.

Poland is tough because so much has changed since I was at school, but without looking at a map, I'd go for Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and the southernmost Baltic state - Lithuania?

I think that France has seven - Scott - how many can you do?

This one applies for my youth: 

You got them all right. For France, off the top of my head: England (if you consider the English Channel as a border), Spain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. After I checked: I missed out Luxembourg. 

I wasn't counting the UK - I think that counting the tunnel is too much of a stretch, so one more please.  I think that they got a point for the first time ever in the European qualifiers while playing their hiome game in a different country.




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