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It's a typical Chinese policy. When you have this card, that means you are legal to give birth to the BB. Otherwise, you can not go to public hospital for examination, can not get insurance.

Today my friend asked where he can get such license. I hope I dont need to be under this rule when I have BB. 

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Horribly I think we're heading into eugenics territory from here on in.

Define poor.

If you mean the parents are starving to death, no.

If you mean they don't have enough to go on holidays and have more or less the right amount of money each month to buy food and pay the rent, then yes. Poverty ain't genetic.

Poor people are poor because they're genetically inferior not because they were born into a system that makes it hard for the vast majority of people to get out of poverty. Obviously this is true. Also the capitalist system (and every other society humans have created for lengthy periods of time) have not been built on exploiting poor people by keeping the vast majority of them in poverty.


Btw, everything I said there was wrong...

I was thinking "this guy can't be thinking that"...

maybe you need free contraception then

Never forget that those who don't want the poor to breed, also don't want to spend one penny on assisting the poor. Once you allow for that, their logic makes exactly as little sense as it did before, but it enables you to safely ignore them.

I resent paying taxes that suport solo parents who don't ever want a job and are baby machines. I come from a place where there are generations who have lived off the welfare state.

Is it worth the aggravation to find yourself a job when there's nothing worth looking for? I was looking for some action but all I found were cigarettes and alcohol.

U from Argentina too? Hola che!!!!

You find some of those people can afford an AK47 or will have someone give them one.


A general thing I see is that people that are normally better off financially and better educated have less children as they want to be able to afford to give each one the best start in life and plan so they can raise and support them to university level education. Less well off people don't tend to look that far ahead. Of course that being said it doesn't guarantee who will have the happier fulfilling life.

Then he should have thought of a name no longer than 4 letters.

Don't you have to pay penalties if you exceed your quota? Or if you have other circumstances such as you give birth to them outside of China or are married to a foreign national, etc.





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