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It's a typical Chinese policy. When you have this card, that means you are legal to give birth to the BB. Otherwise, you can not go to public hospital for examination, can not get insurance.

Today my friend asked where he can get such license. I hope I dont need to be under this rule when I have BB. 

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Is it worth the aggravation to find yourself a job when there's nothing worth looking for? I was looking for some action but all I found were cigarettes and alcohol.

U from Argentina too? Hola che!!!!

You find some of those people can afford an AK47 or will have someone give them one.


A general thing I see is that people that are normally better off financially and better educated have less children as they want to be able to afford to give each one the best start in life and plan so they can raise and support them to university level education. Less well off people don't tend to look that far ahead. Of course that being said it doesn't guarantee who will have the happier fulfilling life.

Then he should have thought of a name no longer than 4 letters.

Don't you have to pay penalties if you exceed your quota? Or if you have other circumstances such as you give birth to them outside of China or are married to a foreign national, etc.

3000RMB is unbelievable, where does your sister live? 

3,000 or 30,000?

Thanks for clarifying it, Joyce!

I was about to say this just CAN'T be true. This is too much! These freakin' baby cards :-P

Both my friend and his wife are chinese.

He is bothered of this issue. He has to get this card, otherwise his wife won't have social inssurance, called "maternity insurance", or "birth insurance"?

He contacted his residence place, the officer said he had to apply in his wife's residence place first; then he contacted his wife's residence place, the officer there asked him to contact "the husband residence place" first. The bad thing is that every city or area has different rules to follow this policy.

I also heard a girl lived abroad. She came back to China when she was pregnant. She went to hospital, but they asked her to show the BB card for taking ultrasound examination. Unfortuantely she didnt have it, and didnt know how to get it as well.

Her husband asked her everyday how was the BB, she didnt know how to explain his husband about this card

This is ridiculous beyond belief.....:-x

As far as I know the mother has to apply for it at the place where her hukou was issued.

u r right, mother can do it before or after giving birth. The only difference is you might get fine after cuz you didn't follow the rule at the very beginning.

The rule is applying for one before the kid see the world.



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