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when I first logged in this website , I guess the heart and soul of this website where all people young and energetic and looking for brighter days in china. Over last few years I am sure they have also grown older as did I. Business was growing and soon it reached it saturation and shake out started. How has the member profile of this website changed.

older members have giving space to new members  and taken a back seat.

older members still enjoy those flirty and china vs china conversations

teenager kids of older generation have started using the memberships.

older members have been pushed out by newer more energetic members....

how has the journey changed...............

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We're already talking of 4/5 years ago, it's incredible how fast time goes by...

how is your kid doing buddy, put some pic , must be going to school now

agree that includes me . in todays internet era business communication itself is too much to handle.

there are days when we delete emails even without reading , same way we use to discard postal mails ,thinking either promotion material or expired offers.

They lost interest some time after they left he country. I know Heather is still in contact with Nick, and I hear from Sea sometimes.

how about diamond jane and the small girl from your office , have they got settled , miss those fun times

A more appropriate title would be, "Life Beyond 69."  What are you sexpats going to do when you realize that a meaningful relationship is about communication, trust, and respect.  It's not about dirty romps.

some wont change , for they didnt change then ..... right mike

I'm still doing much as I did - meeting people, having dinners, putting the World to rights, going on trips - back to Vietnam next week, and touring with my kids when they're around. I haven't bothered to post the pics of Anhui and Shanxi from last summer here, why bother with Ben around still?
I'm busier than I like to be with work for both HK and SZ Governments, but it's better than being idle in England.

Why not post the pics because of Ben? He's a nobody.

yeah mike , lets get those interesting conversations , those leg pulling back in the softspace of healthy bonding,




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