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I am here for a year. They are so many things which are good for the skin. Lets have the first "good things for the skin" list.

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Ah? I'm not there yet but I will remember this precious advice.
I think it goes by the brand name of SK III or if you like I hear the home brews are much better. : )

Obvious? Maybe. But:

1) Never underestimate the power of good bath(e) + right gel or soap + yes, a sponge. And I'm not talking about a 2-5minute affair.

*As kids, every time we visited, my late grandma would single one of us out. Don't know how she knew. But she always had a clean white handkerchief or face towel. If she wiped your forehead with the tip and found dirt, she'd undress you and give you a good scrub while managing 10 other things in the background. And you had no say in the matter.

**I know people who've had to try different brands before finally settling for the one that best agrees with their unique skin types.


2) Listen to, know & respect *your specific skin type*.

**A lot of people obsessively slap cosmetic creams and dangerous substances on their face/skin when all that is needed is #1 above; nutritious food, sound rest, (I do mineral) water and multivitamins (see this blog for details on Oils & fatty acids).

**In Shenzhen, I use nothing of that sort except in the Winter or when cold weather makes the skin dryer. Why? Because wherever I find myself, I'm aware. I'm I sweating too much? Is it humid? How's my skin tone? When I first moved to Philadelphia, I itched like crazy after bathing...Dermatologists couldn't help me until I discovered accidentally that my specific skin type hates hot or warm water (when it's not cold). Stuffers who personally know me will confirm I carry (bottled) ice blocks with me especially at this time of the year. Know yours :-)

**There's also such a thing as excessive or compulsive exercise (disorder) and too/unhealthy much exposure to sunlight.


The result (and some say it's about genes, etc.) where healthy balance is struck, is smooth young skin. Same for my 70-something year old mother who is still asked to furnish additional ID back in America because and their diction is always the same: "Sorry ma'am. You just don't look your age".

O,no,you robbed me of the words again.
Dead Sea mud,Wuhua County mud bath,er.
Collagen is one.



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