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I am here for a year. They are so many things which are good for the skin. Lets have the first "good things for the skin" list.

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Ah? I'm not there yet but I will remember this precious advice.
I think it goes by the brand name of SK III or if you like I hear the home brews are much better. : )

Obvious? Maybe. But:

1) Never underestimate the power of good bath(e) + right gel or soap + yes, a sponge. And I'm not talking about a 2-5minute affair.

*As kids, every time we visited, my late grandma would single one of us out. Don't know how she knew. But she always had a clean white handkerchief or face towel. If she wiped your forehead with the tip and found dirt, she'd undress you and give you a good scrub while managing 10 other things in the background. And you had no say in the matter.

**I know people who've had to try different brands before finally settling for the one that best agrees with their unique skin types.


2) Listen to, know & respect *your specific skin type*.

**A lot of people obsessively slap cosmetic creams and dangerous substances on their face/skin when all that is needed is #1 above; nutritious food, sound rest, (I do mineral) water and multivitamins (see this blog for details on Oils & fatty acids).

**In Shenzhen, I use nothing of that sort except in the Winter or when cold weather makes the skin dryer. Why? Because wherever I find myself, I'm aware. I'm I sweating too much? Is it humid? How's my skin tone? When I first moved to Philadelphia, I itched like crazy after bathing...Dermatologists couldn't help me until I discovered accidentally that my specific skin type hates hot or warm water (when it's not cold). Stuffers who personally know me will confirm I carry (bottled) ice blocks with me especially at this time of the year. Know yours :-)

**There's also such a thing as excessive or compulsive exercise (disorder) and too/unhealthy much exposure to sunlight.


The result (and some say it's about genes, etc.) where healthy balance is struck, is smooth young skin. Same for my 70-something year old mother who is still asked to furnish additional ID back in America because and their diction is always the same: "Sorry ma'am. You just don't look your age".

Mud of course, if you can find it.

O,no,you robbed me of the words again.
I would also beat you in a mudwrestle ;-)
Dead Sea mud,Wuhua County mud bath,er.
To remove wrinkles cover your entire face with cool cooked rice (not just the wrinkled parts). Remove the rice when it has hardened. The wrinkles will stay with the rice. For acne try the same thing, but with cooked noodles. Both treatments are highly effective.
Collagen is one.


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