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Where can I go, if I want to take cityscape pictures of Shenzhen? I've tried Lianhua park, but the view there is not the best. You only get the CBD from there.

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks, but been there, done that. I would like to capture the whole city. I think I'll have to climb wuzhou mountain.

Thanks for the recommendations, everyone! I'll be taking note of these.

maybe try the rotating restaurant on top of the World Trade Center Tower.. it gives a good view of the luohu area which was the old shenzhen...

For traditional parks you may want to try Honghu Park and Central park... senior people exercises in the mornings... with parks closer and landscapes further which is a mix of modern and traditional Chinese culture... 

Lianhuashan and the Big and Small Nanshan also provides a good view of futian and nanshan area...




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