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Hi all,

I have recently moved to shenzhen. I live in Futian District near Huaqiang Road.

And, I'm now looking to goto a nice club with good music and decent crowd. 

Could you give me some suggestions where I can go? any singles clubs? I am just 1 person, no company as of yet = =

Cheers~! :)

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I need some info as I am planning for tonight. I would appreciate help from your people.


Anyone who knows a good bar is probably there by now - just us losers left online.

i don't think so bro...Its not what you do that make u a loser. It how you think that does. And, frankly speaking   the real party begins after 11

On a Sunday?  Like mummy said "If you have to work the next day and you're not in bed by 11, then you might as well go home."

Maybe you can try Viva, where is around Coco park. i believe you may like it, for one thing, it is near huaqiang road, for the other thing, you can dance there all night, lol

If he wants a Singles bar then the ones around Jusco neat Ke Xue Guan would be suitable.  There's usually only one person in them.

could you give me the addy for this one? or even just some nearby landmark or something? tonight I went to soho. it was ok. the music too wasn't so great..but I guess that's sunday night for ya?

That was actually another joke.  They would be the closest bars to you, but I would call them singles because there's usually only one person there - very dull.  As Crystal said, your best bet is around Coco Park - called Shopping Center [Guo Wu Gong Yuan] on the Metro - come out Exit B and wander round a bit.  There's McCawley's Irish Pub, La Casa which is run by one of our moderators, Viva Club, many others. 

lol...yes, I realized the joke now that you mentioned it. So I guess coco park is my best bet. Viva or La casa...and both are around the same place. yea?

La Casa and Viva are right next door to each other, but if you come out of Exit B and just walk round that block without crossing any roads you'll find a bunch of places.  I'd show you around maybe, but I'm back in the UK right now.


I don't like any of the Luohu places that much, including Soho, but if you're ever in Changsha in Hunan province the Soho there is much better.

i think AS is looking for Club Vulva or Le Coq.

thank you all so much for the information... :) Gotta start planning for X'mas eve ..



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