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We are HoHi studio , our main job including performance, songs creation, music distribution and promotion, film and television shooting and star brokers, etc.. Now We are planning a very creative idea,we are looking for a talented composer or a singer to make Chinese and Western pop music. We have studied the Chinese pop music market for years time, we are familiar with the style of the songs the people like, and we will create a series of lyrics according to the audience's favorite style. The western style of music is also very popular with the audience, so we would like to invite some friends as a composer or a singer。 We will provide the chinese lyrics, then we together to create a combination of Eastern and western style songs,after getting the demos,we will use our experience and resources to put the song in some well-known Music List for distribution and promotion, so perhaps this is a making star plan too. if you are interested becoming a superstar in China, just join our team and play your talent, Let's go to the challenge and playing music together. Wechat id: mastervip008

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