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Hi everyone !

As every year, i am coming to shenzhen for personal and professional reasons.
I'll be in SZ from march 3rd to 23rd.

I usually got quite a lot free time to meet new friends and new business partners.
I am doing ecommerce business in Europe (France mostly) including advertising.

If you'd like to exchange about business we could grow together, i'd be happy to.

Come to say hi, i won't bite... probably.


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hello Alex 

   Do you interest in tiles ? most products with Europe style and good quality in F.J ( near GuanDong province) , I think it probably can gow your ecommerce and advertising business.

    waiting your feedback soon!





Hi Alex,

Welcome to china shenzhen, it's a great city to stay for a while.

By the way, here is what my company doing,for your reference:

We have been specialized in designing and producing:
1. Transformers
2. Line reactors and load reactors
3. Braking unit (Braking chopper)
4. Load bank
5. Filters (Harmonic filter,EMC/EMI filter,Sine wave filter)
6. Power Resistors
7. Energy regenerative unit (Active front end).

"We could grow together", I like the sound of this. The business of fluid exchange. I'm right on board.

¿Where and when? x

We make all kind of sprares for mobile phone and wireless bluetooth earphone

add me on wechat isrealchrist7



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