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Does anyone have a halfway decent football team to play against I have a half pitch football team that has not lost a game in six months and need some competition. If you are interested in a game let me know and maybe we can set something up.

Best Regards,


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football, if is basketball i have the ideas:)

Matthew, we just formed a 5-a-side football team, so currently we're looking for competitors. We have only 5 "halfway decent" players but we also have some new candidates so probably we would be able to make it 8 after NY. PM me [preferably with your skype id] for further discussion.

Hi Matthew,

there are at least 3 foreign teams with groups in this website.

Shenzhen Tigers (I play with them), World United  and Shenzhen Wanderers. Also there is Inter Shenzhen bve ut I dont think they have a group in here.

I reckon any of these teams would be happy to have a game with you guys

Hello Vincent,

Would your team be willing to set up a match on a Saturday around 8pm against my team? I am sure it would be a good game. Let me know what your guys think.

any game this weekend ? 5th april ? 



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