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date a girl 2 times and then sms all day and phone calls over hours and before sleeping kisses on phone and saying i love you.then finally decide a date again .

boy come to meet a girl in different city the girl book hotel room and finally when they are in room boy want a hug and kiss and girl says "i love you but i am not ready for love(may be to become a gf)


what is this relation ?

is it common in china?


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Is she Chinese ?

dont think she's chinese.. :)

she's in menstruation, dont be mind.
haha, so sarcastic.
The girl is there for language exchange.
Smack on! LoL
It is acutally quite simple...

The girl is curious and definitely likes the guy, so she goes to the hotel room. But when the guy wants to make a move, the girl feels the need to play hard to get, so in her mind, she thinks she will not be seen as a slut or too easy.

It is not about love or relationship, it is the image the girl wants to project.
Maybe when the guy hug her, she immediately felt the ginormous boner...

She just panicked.
ginormous boner

wow, haha, wondering how ginormous is it!!!!
Use your imagination... she freaked out!

What was not included how the OP narrated the story was the girl actually did stutter "A... ah... a... I love you and b...b...but (gulp, clears her throat a bit) I'm not r..ready. She stop, but what she really want to tell just went through her mind... I'm not r...ready for your ginormous thingie.
hmm, the first time they were in a hotel room, guys should act like that hah!!!!
I have no idea what type of relation it is. What you should have done is told her..
"Yes, I understand, you are very special, let us take it slow and build a wonderful relationship. Now let me get you a cab"

Then you should have gone to the KTV in the hotel, rented the biggest room, hired four girls, tipped them to do strip dancing, then take two back (only two because you are a man of moderation) to your hotel room and performed drunken sexual rituals that are beyond description.

In the morning, sms the girl friend, tell her to meet you for a late lunch at the hotel, then check out and get on the first plane out of town.

Just a friendly suggestion.



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