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date a girl 2 times and then sms all day and phone calls over hours and before sleeping kisses on phone and saying i love you.then finally decide a date again .

boy come to meet a girl in different city the girl book hotel room and finally when they are in room boy want a hug and kiss and girl says "i love you but i am not ready for love(may be to become a gf)


what is this relation ?

is it common in china?


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I have a button on my phone that really helps my conversation in both Chinese and English. It is on the right side and if I press it for a few seconds the damned phone stops flashing and making noises. I think that every phone should have one of these buttons, but when I look around in restaurants it seems that few people do.

Love can wait to give. But other kinds of relationships can't wait to get.

is it an either or ?   

one hopes you have both  but true love might cost you something although worth it

its called build the excitement   DONT KILL THE HEN TILL IT LAYS SUFFICENT GOLDEN EGGS

Maybe there's a paradox...  in giving and self sacrifice for the other you are more satisfied sometimes

Marriage is a picture of God's love for the redeemed

I really like this short talk on Marriage from Michael Reeves



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