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Besides arctic photo taking, it is very disguising to see some girls post some almost naked photos in the public web, or the open internet.Esp those photos are followed by their below huge idiot subtitle:"Just be myself!" " I don't care! " Or " Fight for being a rich kid's gf "! These do are no any differences from those almost naked whores in the clubs or bars everywhere we seen.

Sometimes wonder, do they have a nerve to think about the word which spell like "self-respect, and self-love?" Or in them, man just so stupid to think in the bottom part and always will walk into their hunting?

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And without the guys who are preparing to be hand'some.

hand'some. lol

It is your point of view. Everyone has different opinion, Instead of asking them the Self-respect you can stop calling them as similar as the whores in clubs or bars, which means you can respect them.

well, if they don't respect themselves, then don't worthy other ppl respect.

So, if you don't respect them, they will not respect you either.

they will not respect you either.

Who cares?

Mr. Obvious does.

MYG, why i need those people respect me since it is impossible for them to realize that word, I am talking about this situation which is everywhere and cant avoid them. you don't have have to be pretending here to be "loyal knight".

Everyone have choices that is given to them in their life.. Some choose "A" some choose "B" , to say which one is bad , which one is good, is personal.. We've grown in a way, and when we see something which is set to be bad according to our culture, we decide it is bad. Vice versa.. A girl who likes to show her body, is just brave, or doesn't respect to herself, but both are none of our business. If you are insulted or don't want to see, pretend to not see, and ignore. If there was no demand, there was no supply. Since there are some people who likes to check those pictures, makes the girl to be attention seeker or something else.. Again, none of our business. All you need to do is to ignore.

Loyal Knight ? Me ? Pff..

I am taking this word as an unnecessary one since you don't know who I am..

Yes I agree with you, we need more arctic nude photos here. But I reckon it would be difficult for them to bare such freezing temperatures.

Besides arctic photo taking ? If you mean artistic photos, Chinese girls call it "art photos" which are exactly same with the photos you are talking about as "naked" photos.

What I have noticed that is almost all girls, even the ones who call themselves as tradition girls have that kind of "art" photos.. Some post the photos on webs, some dont and keep them for their potential boyfriends/husbands.

Whatever it is, seems like a kind of marketing tool in China.

I never share my collection, solly :)



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