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Morning! :)

I arrive in Shenzhen on the 22nd of July.

Are there any other people arriving around that time? It would be great to go around the citywith some fellow noobs and get lost/find things!!

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i am Shirley. i am a dental consultant for foreigners at Shenzhen A.K.J Stomatological Hospital. If you have any dental consulting in future days, please contact me. My wechat:15864708549. You can add me for inquiry if you have any questions in Shenzhen.

I will be arriving in late Aug. you can show me around by the time I get there :)
Hopefully there are some Chinese vets, teachers, road workers, we chat traders that can also show you around. Not that they are trying to self-promote their services.
Chinese is glood, help out foreign glasshoppa but no want anything in return.
Oh if you have friend....please send to stomachology for MS Lin will give you discount.
normally,girls don't like to hang out with monk.



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