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News from the official Global Gazette 2055 - Monsanto First Human Genetically Modified Sperm Gains Global Certification -

According to our Global Authorities , from today the new rules on certified Human Sperm start to be applied, only patented GM Human sperm can be used for reproduction , any couple who does not use this official certified Patented Sperm will be considered a criminal according the new approved reproduction law. From today any form of ejaculation , copulation or interaction in which excretion of not certified sperm is occurred will be punishable by law and the fines will be issued according the incidents incurred by the criminal.

The new laws includes also the conditions for the purchased of the GM Certified Sperm , plus the complete set of additions which must be purchased with the certified sperm, this includes the product, the implantation kit, the extra supplement for bone growth ( which wont occur if is not purchased ) and of course the reservation of the GMCS for the future being to use.

Any men which is caught incurring in multiple ejaculation will be executed in so facto and the execution will be carried by the proper authority in public. Any couple trying to have sexual intercourse and with illegal non certified fluid exchange will be prosecuted according to the new standards ... And Imagine the rest....

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Patent, there are much more people advocate it than people despise it.

I despise patent.

don't worry anne, the chinese will figure out a way to fake it :)

EK,  You cheap and stingy bastard, Heard you'r leaving soon , and you don't say goodbye to your Japanese gfs ???
And where is my free meal which you promised last time upon my trying to solve your driver license credits ??

You should hold a farewell food party and invite all your Japanese gfs over , free food and free booze , Yeah!~
That will make us feel good about been one of your Japanese gfs.

EK moving back to sheep island... i hope there's no earthquake soon :(

Yay a farewell bbq for ycg or yjg :)

I hereby proclaim this land for the Queen her majesty, hence therefore subject to her rules?

The last time they did that there was a war that when on for 15 years, if not for the gun, the britist would get sliced up for food!

岳飛,this name was patented.
You fake yourself and where are you from?

the guy been dead for a long time anne! Patent only last 20 years....

even if you think it's copyright... life of author plus 75 that expire years ago as well!

Here is the base for this story : Countries that at the moment try to have agreements of free trade with USA, are obligated to enhance copyright laws. This is right, for music, movies , products. For hundreds or thousand of years, the farmers of the countries live from getting the best seeds from a harvest and use them well for the next harvest. According to the new " regulations " imposed by USA to their free trade partners , the farmers ONLY can use CERTIFIED Seeds ( which an oligopoly of Monsanto , DuPont and another 2 controls ) ; the reuse of their own harvest seeds to guarantee the next one is now FORBIDDEN by law , in countries like Korea, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and others . According to the " regulation " the use of the certified seeds can be done only for 1 harvest and no seed from that harvest can be used or be replanted as is a " copyright infringement "   ... So as now this GM seeds are destroying our farming cultural legacies and the food we used to eat for generations, what is next, Human reproduction ??

Seems like they are destroying our liberty too....



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