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Does anyone know of anywhere that has regular/weekly Open Mic Nights on Thursdays? Or even Fridays or Saturdays...?


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La Casa has one most Sunday evenings.  It is the best place in Shenzhen.

Hi, GrandPa, how are you? May I ask is it possible to try stand-up comedy in English in La Casa?

Just show up there tomorrow around 10pm and ask for David - shouldn't be a problem. 

Thanks:) Do you know any other stage for stand-up comedy also? I am with TakeOut Comedy. We have English shows in Shenzhen, but haven't got stage for practising English ones.

Hi, Zach, do you know any place to try stand-up comedy in English in Shenzhen?

Hi Jay Jay,

Sorry, I don't know any places to do stand-up comedy in English in SZ, but it looks like these other guys were able to help you! Thanks guys!



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