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Hey im quite new to Shenzhen.
Can anyone tell me some good stores to get Organic foods and Healthy food products?
Like Coconut Oil or Flax seeds for example
I can get all the stuff I need from Hong Kong but I don't want to keep going there every weekend.
I am living in Futian now.

Thanks & Best regards,


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Absolutely agreed - particularly after Carrefour got prosecuted for relabelling ordinary products as organic products last year - even if it was sold here, you couldn't trust it to be real.

Gonna go on a limb here and say; Wrong place for all that business.  Might try Ole or can get some bits and bobs at Wal-Mart or the foreigner stores in Shekou, but most likely will pay an arm and a leg for it.   

oh great
so i really do have to go to hong kong every weekend then

Can I add a bit of value to this.

Although there is a recognisable word in Chinese, the people here are very misinformed, uneducated, nor have any knowledge, of what that word truly means.

I had a little organic trading business here for a while, did rather well, for a few cashies on the side, but seriously, even the most academic locals interested in these products, still don't have a real clue as to what this entails.

Good luck with that, Ole will have some products, otherwise 360 in HK.

If it's made locally and the packaging states it's Organic, I would be very circumspect on this.

 no food is healthy in here

If you ever decide to take a short trip over to Thailand, you will find these items.  Just stock up and carry back with you as I'm certain Coconut Oil and Flax seeds/oil will keep for a long time.

ok well thanks for all the advice
looks like i will be stocking up each weekend in hong kong
i live very close to futian checkpoint so its not so bad
i guess i will only buy fruit and veg in china where i can peel or remove the skin

I used to think the same way mate, yes , a lot of people here soak their fruit and veg in water prior to eating it.

My thoughts on this, it may remove some of the nasties from the outer layers, but what about where the products are grown in  conditions where there is nothing but dangerously high levels of nasties inside, certainly no amount of peeling or soaking in water is going to remove trace elements, as the bad shit will have most likely permeated through.

oh dear mate
well i hope the good in it outweighs the bad!!!!

anyone know any good ways to remove the pesticides off fruit and veg
i heard there is a special tablet you can buy that dissolves in water and then you soak the fruit in it
but i cant even find that in hong kong
im pretty sure there must be some natural remedies for this
anybody know any?

I never thought China would spend the money on pesticides for fruits and veggies and rely more on what they have a lot of naturally....


:-)! LOL






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