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Interested in voting from overseas? It's easier than you think!

If you're not registered but would like to learn more about casting your ballot from China, check out the resources available at (yes, it's Dems, as there is no R equivalent group for overseas voters). 

If you're specifically interested in getting involved in Dems Abroad, feel free to message me directly!

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It is a good post and I mean no offense, but if you want to register you can also use this nonpartisan government website. 

The process depends upon which state you are registering for, but for example my state you can do the whole process on-line or by fax or by email.  Fairly simple. 

Absentee Voting

Totally agree and thanks for contributing!

Exactly right. Dems trying to force their agenda on young Americans overseas.

I will vote like I do in america... which is to not vote. The process is very straightforward and simple. you can vist

That makes you a really good citizen then.  I bet you don't mind taking from or bitching about something though.



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