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The police are looking for two foreign suspects in connection to a serious crime. The father and son duo were last spotted in a village where they would routinely pose for pics with random strangers.

Police are trying to gather sketches for the duo however have released some description of the two. The older suspect believed to be in his 70s loves to dress in flashy gay attire including pink and orange denims. The younger teen sports long hair and has the looks of a stoned loner.

Anyone having further information about these two wanted fugitives are encouraged to contact the local authorities immediately.

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Replies to This Discussion there a reward?

Yes, FRED. At a minimum, you get to pose for a photo with the gent in orange or pink denims, too.

I assume this is supposed to be a dig at two people on this site....but it is a swing and a miss.

7up, this is a serious issue. Please don't be flippant. If you have seen any individuals matching the description above, please contact the Guangxi Public Security Bureau.




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