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Public Service Announcement regarding slutty western backpacker girls

As mentioned in another thread, I have recently been on a 4 week trip around China, and some people requested I name the hostels I stayed in because I remarked that many were full of western girls with liberal attitudes shall we say. I love hostelling and even if I was a millionaire I would still stay in them. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of hostels in China. For the readers convenience I have gave each place a Slutty Western Backpacker Rating (SWBR).


Cloudland youth hostel- Kunming (SWBR- 6/10)

Jade Emu guesthouse- Dali (SWBR-6/10)

Enjoy Inn- Lijiang (SWBR- 2/10)

Harmony Guesthouse- Shangrila (SWBR 6/10)

Teddy Bear Hostel- Emei Shan (SWBR 7/10)

Lazy Bones Hostel- Chengdu (SWBR 7/10)

King Joy Hostel- Beijing (SWBR 9/10)

Mingtown Hostel- Suzhou (SWBR 5/10 but the streets of Suzhou more than male up for this)

Rock & Wood Hostel- Shanghai (SWBR was completely off the scale)

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LOL, new hangout zone for perverts !!
Define slutty (western style).
Western sluttiness goes beyond definition.  (Did I spell that correctly?)

So avoid all together if you detest western style sluts, and bushpigs?

Nice one man, I will mark those off my list of places not to go!


This is indeed a great public service.  I'm sure Wade and I are among the many here who appreciate that you have saved so many of us unsuspecting males from predation by the SWB.  Perhaps a vigal should be posted at these locations just to ensure the safty of other unsuspecting travelers (and perhaps verify the information).
Laotouzi,  you are correct, I believe a fact-finding mission ought to be mounted, to penetrate the wet, slippery interior of the issue.  I'm am sure there will be a lot of in-and-outs involved in this undertaking, and the answers may come very hard.  We may find ourselves in a lot of interesting positions, but, if we keep thrusting, I'm sure that eventually it will climax in ultimate success.
I won't even attempt to compete with that.  It took me a while to get up again (off the floor) after reading that.  Just how long do you think we should devote to a truly 'in depth' report.  FB may want to come along as an unbiased observer to make sure the survey is conducted thoroughly and with uncompromising attention to detail.
I will certainly agree with Suzhou.  I was there for 6 weeks and the foreign bar street was full of drunk foreigners and Chinese prostitutes all around.  Even around Suzhou University had tons of brothels.
so you felt right at home then Cynic? :-)
I'm the king of that kind of jungle.

Ha ha, about time you dropped a witty retort, I was anticipating this.

I thought for a moment you have lost your golden touch mate.


Haha, I'd also love to hear your definition of "slutty (the western style)"!





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