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I'm a typical Chinese girl who come from other province try to find a life in shenzhen,I have been working and living in shenhen for 5 years, I'm in my late 20s and single. Currenctly I'm unemployed, well, I have been for some interviews, but can not find a suitble job, besides, my family is pushing me back to my hometown( I also think I should go and live closer to them, that way i can take care of them, have been away for too long these years). So my question is, after working in shenzhen for years, if you still can not get a life you wished for, would you choose to go to a small city to settle down?

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I reckon they want equality AND fairness. Sounds like they want their cake and to eat it too!

Seriously Chris... you think something like that will ever pass. Give us the link.

The rise of the feminism. Hardly. It's a lot of talk from a small group. People hardly pay notice to it when they have one of their tantrums. These kind of news get blown out of proportion by the US media who tries do redirect some of the flak they have been getting on this topic.

The paternity leave is actually welcome as it's more about equality than anything. I for one want to spend time with my kids.

So the feminist- movement- is- on -the- rise is nothing more but presumptuous nonsense, being overblown in proportion by drama queens like Chris. 

I would worry more about the refugee problem than anything. That's something the government has managed screwed the pooch on.

No presumptions, I form this opinion from the hyperlinks provided.

This one being the most enlightening. Banned videos are generally a lot juicier with facts, hence the need for them to be banned.

Also being a Daddy, I agree with the paternity leave. Feminism is on the rise, but the rise of which I speak is the skewed feminism - the kind that doesn't actually understand what is being campaigned for. So many times I've heard a so-called "feminist" say "I want equality as a woman", What they mean of course is to be treated fairly. Equal is not always fair.

For example:

I am pro equality but no fan of feminism yet I don't worry. People make ridiculous requests all the time but how many times do you think these wishes are granted. Ten years ago I think it was, an Imam in Malmo requested that Arabs should get interest free loans since they were a minority and most of the ones who came to Europe were very poor. That request was shot down pretty quick. 

However I am OK with that if would include locals as well :)

How many absurd requests are not made in the US or the UK by various groups. And how many of these are ever taken seriously.

I do agree though in some cases it's not as equal as they want to present it but it is not an easy task... to create equality.

Make I ask what make you think that I have no real education?

Young girl in China moves to big city with no education is doing so why? In hopes of finding gainful employment at wal mart? No, to find a husband.  Make I also say that man in the USA came to china to criticize other people is because they have a miserable life, they are LBH?

Dear, I like your question very much, since I've been thinking of similar questions. When I was in junior school, I was top of the class, teachers liked me very much, so I had many extra resources and better treatment compared with others classmates, and then I got the offer from the best high school in Shenzhen, there were so many talent students, and I was forgotten. Would you like to be an ugly peacock or a beautiful chicken? The benefit of the first choice, is that your friends around you are also peacock, so you know how to be graceful, get more up to date info, etc, and the 2nd one is, you are the winner and the focus point around your friends.

I would criticise your Junior school teacher for putting any student on a pedestal, for creating inner-class hierarchy and for giving you a false outlook on life such as you realised when getting to High school.

Wow. So many Chinese girls have replied:)

Of course many Chinese girls will reply here. Chinese girls have just two topics: Marriage and Money, the two Ms. Any other topics discussed here is uncomprehending for Chinese girls.

Sorry for all CHINESE girls who has been with you, apparently you just taught them two topics : marriage and money.



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