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I'm a typical Chinese girl who come from other province try to find a life in shenzhen,I have been working and living in shenhen for 5 years, I'm in my late 20s and single. Currenctly I'm unemployed, well, I have been for some interviews, but can not find a suitble job, besides, my family is pushing me back to my hometown( I also think I should go and live closer to them, that way i can take care of them, have been away for too long these years). So my question is, after working in shenzhen for years, if you still can not get a life you wished for, would you choose to go to a small city to settle down?

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Some people live in really small bubbles. The smaller their world is, the less they have to talk about.

Does that a small city means your hometown? My parents never agreed that i came shenzhen at the first place. I always get the pressure from my parents to ask me to go back hometown. But this is my life, i have right to do what do i want not what do they want, it sounds selfish and yes i'm selfish,i do love my parents but i can't compromise for them. Life is short,i'm going to live the way which makes me happy. 
Back to your question, what will make you happier? By living closer to them and settle down in hometown? then do it . Maybe you could make a list about your hometown and shenzhen. You will find out where is better for you. Best wishes.

You should thank us foreigners for making Shenzhen the way it is today, you would never have this lifestyle back in your little village in Hunan.

Thanks for all human being who did contribution to shenzhen and who is trying to make the city better.But a tiny frog? No,it's too ugly.

Get Up Stand Up

Stand Up For Your Rights

Wrong on all counts pal. I say something, and you say "Nah the opposite is true." Is that even an argument. So if I tell the truth it is a lie, and a lie is also a lie, or the truth.

LoL. I don't think you get get it. First a guy is not a pussy just because he gets married. As I said before the reason would only be kids, as that is generally better for the kid. You also can be married and not be a pussy, but that doesn't mean you won't lose all your shit once you get divorced.

Fine, you are married, and feel a need to defend it by lashing out at me. Okay. You don't like all my points, which are 100% fact, so you make ad hominem attacks instead. And seriously, the avatar of a wolf, lets not even get into what that says.

Fresh off the boat? I guess everyone is if they don't agree with you. Before it was the Swed, and not you attack me. Seems your voice is the only one that counts here. Me a pussy? Nope, not married, and I have a bull pen I can call anytime. Having money makes that possible, and no they ain't hookers. Clearly you also have no game. Sad for you.

Sorry iWolf but in truth I spoke about my past marriage one time, so if that's your idea of harping on something you're are an even bigger moron then I thought.

By the way I don't work at any esl mill. I am no school teacher. I make very good money even in American dollars. Envious? Yes you are. Jealous, yes you are. You are probably a married pussywhipped pussy whose only outlet is this forum. Pussy boy.

You clearly don't know anything about women. I think your father wasn't around. As long as you have money, and I get paid in American dollars, and a lot, so yeah, I have money, and as long as I do women are always going to be into me. Why? Because I have money. Duh. Are you stupid? I don't have to be hot, or anything. They see the fat wad of cash in my wallet, and that's it. That's how women are. You don't know that? Maybe you don't have a fat enough wad of cash to do that job. Oh well. Don't sit there and tell me money doesn't attract women, and that I don't get them, because then your lying, and I'm gonna put your dumb wolf ass in its place. I learned a long time ago money does indeed get women, and I use it. So what? Maybe you're a good looking guy, maybe not, but my earning potential soars as I get older. What do you have my bitter friend? Oh and you are so bitter. Perhaps one of those mimbo guys that depends on his looks, just like a woman. LoL. Good luck with that.

Men have their brains, and we use them to make money, if we are smart. Considering how bitter you are, what with wishing unhappiness on me and such, I think you are a poor guy with a crappy job. And unless you're making seven figures don't tell me I don't I don't get women, because you are way off. I'm not bragging moron, but if you're going to insult me, and spout a bunch of bullshit of course I'm gonna use the truth, which is usually the best defense.

As for the rest I was trying to help the young men out there, which you ain't, and help them avoid marriage. You are sadly too stupid to get the message, or are too envious and bitter to care, and only want to lash out. You and your buddy the other fellow who was looking to incite a fight with me are like bored housewives. I've seen enough of this forum. I'll get back to work, while you can envy me, and my life. As you should. Keep in mind if you had studied and worked harder you could have the same. What a sad state for you. Bye.

Methinks Thomas has been taken to the of course this has framed his view of people, and more specifically women. SZ is full of golddiggers, and many newbies have been sold down the river.

I can remember one dude, not a young man, crying because he couldn't get a date/laid because he was too honest and answered GD's questions about his assets or lack thereof...on the other hand I have known ex-colleagues who have been successful pussy bandits with ladies from 18-50, (he is older than this, and no Brad Pitt) because he will marry them or promise even he as he gets older wants to settle down and get married and return to his country.

Horses for courses....married or what makes you happy.



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