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His profile has suddenly become active after 7 years and is now bombarding all laowai names on the site with invitations to become a teacher. Please spam this number and give Richard some of his own medicine: 


Richard Cheung, for once I actually agree with Mike46; you are a dick. 

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Rhyming slang - Richard the Third

OCD.....thinks that this will get him more recruits, more commission. It will backfire as laowai don't respect this kind of behaviour. A true Richard Cranium.

Has anyone got an sms spoofer?

Absolutely. A turd and a knob. It’s true the Spam Everyone approach is a cultural misunderstanding when directed at laowai. Other examples: the swarming real estate hawkers now making it periodically almost impossible to pass through the ifc1 side of the ifc mall in HK. Yes, of course I’m going to drop 3 million USD on an apartment just because some 17yo Hongkie with a bad hair cut and an ill-fitting suit thrusts a pamphlet in my direction. Attention, 17yo Hongkies: do not get between me and Pret. I’m hungry. I have a limited window. Simple.

Anyhow, I have now got a junk call filter in my phone plan, which seems to succeed at screening out most of the calls that you get from some fucking boiler room in Nanshan, offering to sell you Ping An futures or whatever it is today - all undertaken by a bunch of MINDLESS RICHARD CHEUNG types.

Mike46 is not a dick. grow up.

I was a Mick till about 1964 when Mick became synonymous with Jagger and I became Mike.

Who said he was?!



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